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Check Out These Highly Unique Chicken Coop Designs

Most chickens coops have a squarish or rectangular shaped form because it’s simpler to build. These typical coops can still look great if you give it a paint job or you have a great design but why stop there? I recently came across several chicken coops that are uniquely shaped and designed and I thought I’d share them with you guys.

Triangular Shaped Coop

triangular shaped coop

I really like how this coop looks despite the obvious difficulty in building it. This will definitely require a higher level of woodworking expertise to build up due to the angles at the edges and the sides of the coop. The design itself isn’t too complicated but the question remains: How practical is this?

There’s an access there at the side of the roof, which I suppose is purposed for the collection of the eggs. The size of this coop seems rather small though and it can probably fit 3 chickens comfortably at the most. On the whole, it looks fun and unique. It’ll definitely look better when placed in your backyard than a typical square shaped coop because it looks a lot like a camp or a tent.

house shaped coopHouse-shaped Coop

This coop belongs to one of my coop buddies (we started out building coops at the same time as a hobby) and I have to say, I’m absolutely impressed by it. It’s definitely one of the better looking coops out there. The best part is, it looks exactly like a house! Well, more like a playhouse for kids but it works just as well as you can see from the picture.

I can see at least 3 nesting areas, where the lid has been lifted up, a few windows for ventilation and a huge access door for cleaning up or managing the interior portion of this coop. It certainly doesn’t look out of place at all and you could probably confidently place this on your front yard too. When your neighbors find out that it’s actually a chicken coop rather than a playhouse, they’ll probably want to start building one as well!

unique coopThe Shire Inspired Coop

This is by far my favorite. How awesome will it be to have this little hobbit hole that looks like it came right out of the Lord of the Rings movie right smack in your yard? Very, indeed. If I were a chicken, I’d imagine myself to be pretty happy staying in one of these.

As you can see, chicken coops of various sizes, designs and shapes can be had. The only limit here is your imagination. And perhaps your skills in woodworking as well but those can be built upon. You no longer have to be concerned that your coop will make your yard look like a cheap farm when you can have unique and exciting coops like these. These designs are probably custom made by individuals but I’m sure if you look hard enough, you can probably dig up a few great looking coop plans too. Personally, I’ll be going after my buddy’s coop plans. I’m sure he’s got it stored somewhere..

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