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Purchasing Ready-made Chicken Coops

If building a chicken coop feels too difficult for you, you could purchase and have it shipped directly to your home. Of course, you’d still need to put together some of the supplied components yourself but it’ll take about an hour at the most to do it. Here are some of the ready-made chicken coops that we recommend purchasing:

#1 Pawhut Deluxe Backyard Chicken Coop
Pawhut Deluxe
Price: $180-$250
Amazon Rating: 3.8/5
Key Features:
1. Works perfectly well for other poultry like ducks or rabbits
2. Can fit up to 4 chickens
3. Chicken run is built out of heavy-duty galvanized wire to guard against predators
4. Has a hatch to allow for convenient refilling of food/water or cleaning
5. Has a hatch for the nesting area so that eggs can be removed easily
6. Has a slideable droppings tray

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#2 TRIXIE Chicken Coop
Coop by trixie
Price: $250-$400
Amazon Rating: 3.9/5
Key features:
1. Perfect for beginners, can fit up to 2 chickens
2. Sleeping and nesting house (on the second floor) can be accessed via 2 different hatches
3. Chicken run quite restrictive due to overall coop size.
4. Expansion possible with additional purchase of Trixie outdoor run

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#3 Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop
snap lock coop
Price: $650-$750
Amazon Rating: 4.7/5
Key features:
1. A larger sized coop that can fit up to 6 chickens
2. Quality building materials
3. Offers top notch protection against all weather elements (snow, rain, heat)
4. Ventilation adjustable
5. Easy access to droppings tray and hatcheries
6. Expensive!